The history of institutions are built between people and events that weave together the threads of God’s master plan. We see several examples of this idea in Scripture, along with many testimonies in the history of the Church.

ProMETA began more than twenty years ago with the goal of offering quality theological education in an accessible way to the Christian community of Latin America, benefitting hundreds of pastors, professionals, and church leaders from the very northern to very southern reaches of the Americas and Spain. With online programs for certificates, diplomas, and, principally, master’s degrees, ProMETA looks to a future that includes these programs being completely accredited.

In February 2023, the Doctor of Ministry program began within the institutional collaboration between ProMETA and Kairos University (USA). This new program is an another milestone in ProMETA’s institutional history of forming a new generation of educators and leaders who can confront adeptly the challenges to the Church in our day. ProMETA’s programs at all levels continue seeking to see transformation in the life of each student, personally, professionally, and ministerially, so that the Church might benefit and see that same transformation. 

We thank God for this new opportunity to once again break new ground in theological education in Latin America and Spain. We invite our surrounding Christian community to pray that God would guide this process and that He would help us see our students fulfilling the calling He has given them. 

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